“Shalom Aleichem Ha Shem Yeshua Ha Meshia…”
“Peace to you in the name of Jesus my Messiah..."

Jerusalem Cityscape

Before the last supper, the agony in the garden at Gethsemane, the trial, the scourging, the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus… Come take an incredible journey to Biblical times to experience Jesus in His last days on earth!

In this one of a kind music drama, experience the Easter Resurrection story of Jesus Christ, as seen through the eyes of a rabbi in training.  The Rabbi sees the problems in the Jewish orthodoxy of the day, and ponders the miracles of Jesus, even though his teachers ridicule him.

Gradually, he becomes a believer in Jesus as the Messiah.

Because a Jew who accepts Yeshua (Jesus) as his Meshiach (Messiah) is called a completed Jew (still Jewish, but now his faith is complete), this play is sub-titled: “The Complete Rabbi.”

FEATURES -- How Easily This Easter Play Can Be Presented


This is a drama art form which makes the audience a part of the program itself (We show you how with a staging document)


Minimum costumes and scenery but message not minimized. (More elaborate scenery & costumes can be used)


The rest of the participants sing or read their scripts or have only a few easy lines to say


The combination of music and drama presentation is sure to please your audience.

Why This Play

Why This Play Was Created

The Easter Resurrection play is a perfect presentation for Good Friday, Holy Week or even on Easter Sunday. The total presentation causes you to think reflectively on the message it presents.

Christians, worldwide, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter day (or as some prefer to call it, Resurrection Day). There’s something really wonderful about the various music that has been written for the celebration of Easter. Every church has a few members who need edification about who this Jesus person is, and most of us can use the reminder of how great He is. What better way to edify Christ’s church than with a story that captures their imagination along with all the beauty of resurrection music?

Easter Sunday is observed in churches worldwide. Easter sermons usually speak of verses from the Bible associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, retelling the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus as he sacrifices his life for the good of mankind. While this story has been told hundreds of times at churches, it still gives people the hope they need in times of trouble and despair.

So here’s an Easter Resurrection Play with a story-line that is scripturally-accurate, with a composite story line woven in – lending it a human interest as well as a closer look at some of the religious practices of the day with which Jesus had so much conflict. Great resurrection music is interspersed throughout to help tell the story. All of it is presented in a manner that is entertaining while encouraging spiritual growth and providing great teaching and evangelism opportunities.


Jesus Christ Crucified


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  • Original Songs With Sheet Music
  • Bill Whitworth, the author of the play wrote two original music pieces especially for this play. Two other songs were arranged from traditional melodies to uniquely fit the play. These songs are not available any place else.
  • The original music pieces written by Bill Whitworth and the arranged pieces are not available any place else. You get the sheet music for these five original songs when you purchase the play.
  • A Special Audience Hand-Out
  • A modifiable 5-page Word document that explains the play to your audience to help them understand the play quickly and participate with responsorial phrases if you choose. Simply enter the name of your Church or organization, edit, make it shorter or add any additional information you wish, print and make copies; that’s it, you’re done!

Purple Easter Lily


Great Evangelism Tool

More people attend Church on special holy days like Easter and Christmas, just look at any church parking area. People who do not regularly attend church services come together with the “regulars” to hear the Easter sermon. With this play, the un-churched or back-slidden have a great incentive to attend church at Easter.


Great Entertainment

This play is a combination of music and drama presentation that is sure to please your audience. The total presentation causes you to think reflectively on the message it presents.

You’ll not be asking this year, “What are we going to do for Easter?!”

Great Teaching Tool

Biblical text and dramatic scripts, supported in scripture, are used throughout in the play. A great opportunity to teach or reinforce Bible knowledge to those occasional visitors who only attend church service at Easter and Christmas. In this play, people are able to relate to  Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and gift of eternal life.

Different Play Each Year

With a little creativity you can present a modified version of the Easter Resurrection play every year.

To help you achieve the best presentation of the play, you will receive  valuable unannounced bonuses you are sure to appreciate!


Easter Play Guarantee

Go ahead, try out the Easter Resurrection Play for yourself now. Get the entire play, read the script, check out the songs list, sheet music,  staging and rehearsal notes, and play the original music. You will find that even with the serious subject, this play is engaging and awesome and uncomplicated to produce.

If you are not satisfied for any reason you may request for a refund within 30 days.

My experience of staging "The Complete Rabbi" Easter Resurrection play at our church, is that the play was a real encouragement to our Church Body. ~ Terry Walling, President, Leader Breakthru (former Pastor of Community Baptist Church of Placentia, California, where the play was first performed)

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Sincerely, praying that the Easter Resurrection Play edifies you and your family or congregation.

Have a Joyous Easter!

~Christiana Augustine

P.S. Easter does not have a fixed date and comes at you fast in some years.
Don’t delay. Get the play and start planning now before it’s too late when you get around to it again.

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