The Joys of Easter Baskets

Children Collect Colorful Eggs in Easter Baskets

Easter Basket with Eggs

The Easter holiday is a great time for family and friends to gather to socialize and have traditional activities. Easter baskets are an Easter tradition that has endured for many years.  Children gather with their baskets for a special Easter egg hunt. Parents and adult family members usually color eggs for the Easter egg hunt, with special non-toxic dyes. Sometimes families include the children in coloring the eggs. The adults then hide the eggs outside in the yard or inside the home. They try to hide the eggs in creative places so the children will find them with excitement.  Then, the whole family watch as the children, dressed in their Easter best clothes, get their Easter baskets ready for the Easter egg hunt.

Easter Baskets Can Be Made Or Bought in the Stores

Easter baskets project provide great excitement for children. With proper adult supervision, children can make their own Easter baskets with materials from a good craft store, or they can buy a plain basket and add decorations. The children can decorate their Easter baskets with the traditional symbols of Easter which include bunnies and eggs. The baskets can also be decorated in the traditional colors of Easter, which are usually pastel shades of pink, yellow, blue and lilac.

The Easter basket can be a variety of sizes depending on the preference and size of the child. As children rush about the yard or house to find the colorful eggs that have been hidden, the Easter baskets are very useful at the Easter egg hunt. They find each egg and place it into the basket until all the eggs are found.

Some Easter baskets can be purchased already decorated and filled with Easter candy and colored eggs. For busy parents, the pre-made Easter baskets can make a great gift for a wonderful Easter celebration.