Easter Resurrection Play Song Book

Sheet Music for the Easter Play made available for your convenience.

When “The Complete Rabbi” Easter Resurrection Play was first written, the audience was a local church in Placentia, California and Church Hymnals were used for the songs.

People familiar with my Christmas Nativity Play know that I strive to conveniently provide all the sheet music needed for the play so that you can immediately start with rehearsals and not spend precious time hunting for the sheet music you need for the play.

It was quite an “awakening” for me dealing with copyright issues when trying to publish this play with the necessary sheet music.  To my understanding, it was not okay to include sheet music for some of the songs in the play for free.  Without the capacity to sell the individual sheet music from my site, an agreeable compromise was reached with the copyright owners; to make a booklet of sheet music of all the songs used in the play and name the booklet after the play.

The result is this Easter Resurrection Play Songbook!  This is really an optional offer for you, with the purchase of the Easter Resurrection Play so that you can get quickly down to the business of rehearsing for the production of your play.

I can’t give it away for free but for a nominal fee of $9.95, you can access this booklet now and conveniently print all the sheet music required.  All in the sequence in which they appear in the play.

Please note that we cannot honor a request for a refund on Easter Play Songbook after the download link has been sent.

Thank you for understanding.

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NOW, take advantage of the convenience of having all the Sheet Music needed for the Easter Resurrection Play, made available to you for a one-time only payment of $9.95!